Welcome to Oklahoma Central PLAC


Our Mission  - A nonpartisan, volunteer committee with the goal of increasing parent and patrons awareness of legislation which impacts public education in Oklahoma.

PLAC hosts regular meetings to learn about legislation pertaining to public education. The group provides a practical way for parents to become more informed and involved with policy issues that directly impact their child’s experience in the classroom.  PLAC is not funded by any organizations or companies. 

Oklahoma PLAC Public Education Reform Plan for the 2018 Legislative Session:
Our goal is to promote public education for the COMMON GOOD, for ALL students in the state of Oklahoma.  We want to bring together both sides to find a common ground to impact positive reform in public education.
We support improving the classroom experience by

  • Reducing Classroom sizes – through adequate funding and addressing the teacher shortage.
  • Placing Quality Teachers in every classroom – through teacher pay raises, addressing the teacher shortage, other incentives to keep quality teachers in Oklahoma.
  • Developing a long range plan for adequate and equitable funding in public education.
  • Reducing the high stakes nature of testing.
  • The appropriate use of resources to address helping students in reading – RSA: extending the team approach, reading specialists at EVERY SCHOOL and intense intervention for young readers, both financially supported by our legislature.

“Local control” is also very important and is most effectively carried out as parents, teachers, school boards, administrators and their communities work together to determine and implement effective solutions in their schools and their school districts.

​​JOIN US in talking to your leaders at the Capitol! Schedule for Capitol Days is as follows: Short meeting and meet & greet with legislators. Then we will go out in teams to talk to legislators about important issues impacting Oklahoma Education. Learn to advocate from those who have done it before!

Our speakers for our 2018 Capitol Days have been Senator Stephanie Bice and Representative Jason Dunnington. We want to thank them for their time.

Email us at: OKCentralPLAC@gmail.com
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